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What is corpora cavernosa?

Most men today are obsessed with penis enlargement and are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase the length and the girth of the penis, ways to get a stronger erection and increasing sexual performance.

However, not many know about corpora cavernosa and how it is related to penis enlargement.

Corpora cavernosa, or as it is known, Corpora spongiosum is the sponge like tissue in the penis region which contains most of the blood that is present in the penis during an erection.

When a man is excited, the blood rushes to corpora spongiosum which causes an erection in the penis.

When, due to some reason, the amount of blood that reaches corpora cavernosa declines, there can be a problem is getting an erection or maintaining it. In some cases, the blood level in the corpora spongiosum declines only temporarily due to certain psychological or physical reasons like stress, clinical depression or hormonal imbalance.

These temporary problems normally get cured on their own when the problem creating it in the first place gets eliminated. Men who are looking for corpora cavernosa enlargement methods in a natural way must think of trying out natural corpora cavernosa exercises that stretch and make the corpora cavernosa flexible.

Various corpora cavernosa exercises like the jelqing exercises, jelqing girth exercises and the Arabic jelqing exercises can naturally help achieving good results.

Jelqing exercises are basically designed to draw in large amount of blood into the corpora cavernosa which helps getting a better erection and may even help increasing the length of the penis.

Jelqing exercises have been used since centuries mainly in the Arabic countries and are known to produce excellent results.

Jelqing exercises, which are also referred to as Arabic jelqing exercises can be done easily at home. It requires you to form an ok symbol with the thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis and massage it upwards.

For best results the same action, from bottom to top needs to be repeated around forty to fifty times. This technique is quite helpful in corpora cavernosa enlargement. Jelqing girth technique would also include a warm wrap, wrapping a warm towel around the penis for around ten to fifteen minutes.

This exercise increases the flow of blood to corpora cavernosa and helps increasing the girth of the penis. The warm wrap should be followed by a cool down period to allow your penis to repair any tissue damage that might have occurred.

Jelqing exercises do take some time to get noticeable results but are definitely effective. Since these exercises are natural and do not include the use of any devices or any chemicals and thus are quite safe to use.

If these exercises are practiced regularly they would naturally enhance the flexibility of corpora cavernosa, allowing more blood flow and would provide a stronger erection with a better erection size in an all natural way.

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