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Penile implant facts

Erection problems are quite common in men and almost all men suffer from erection problems at least once in their life.

Erection problems can be cured in quite a lot of different ways, natural as well as medicinal.

Some of the main treatment methods for erection problems and for increasing length and girth of the penis are: erection pills, vacuum pumps, herbal remedies, hanging weights, exercises penile enlargement and surgery.

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotence for long term the best possible cure can be through surgery.

There are basically two main types of penile surgeries that are most commonly performed: 

* Penile enlargement surgery- penile enlargement surgeries are usually done for increasing the length and the girth of the penis. Penile girth enlargement surgeries are quite popular, though they do have some risks associated with the surgical process.

This type of surgery is usually not recommended by doctors, except for in a few rare cases because of the risks associated with it. Again the effectiveness of this surgery is not quite impressive and considering the cost, it is not quite a feasible option for penis enhancement.

* Penile implant surgery- penile implant surgery is basically recommended for those who suffer from impotency. In this surgery the two corpora cavernosa in the penis are replaced by implants which are inflatable.

A penile implant is basically a pump which can be manually operated to fill up the cylinders with a fluid to cause an erection. Penile implant cost is known to be quite high, though it is quite effective.

The surgery is known to be 90% effective but there is always an added risk of infections and the failure of the manual pumps in which case another surgery would have to be done.

In many cases, men who have undergone penile implant surgery would also experience pain while having sex which is one of the side effects seen in some patients.

Penile girth enlargement is different from penile implant surgery, penile implant would not increase the length and girth of the penis, and it would only help men with impotence get an erection.

Penile injections too can be used in some cases to help men get an erection. Penile injections basically help men get erection by injecting a fluid into the penis with the help of a needle.

Although this is not quite popular, it is recommended by doctors in certain cases. Penile implant surgery can be quite useful for men suffering from impotence and although there are risks associated with the surgery these are not very common.

Penile implant cost is high but in certain cases it is well worth the cost.

 penis enlargement facts   

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